We have entered the e-commerce sector of Nepal with the goal of contributing to Nepal's digitalization. With the number of internet users increasing, we have invested in SastoDeal, one of Nepal's major e-commerce companiesthat offer a diverse range of online items. With our engagement in this industry, we hope to spark a digital revolution in Nepal by providing high-quality products to clients while developing a sustainable business.

Business Highlights

    • Sastodeal is one of Nepal's most popular & biggest online shopping websites.
    • With an increasing number of internet users, Nepal is on the verge of a digital revolution. Customers no longer have to sit in traffic, haggle for deals, or spend hours searching for the items and services they require. It only takes a few clicks and seconds to find the goods and place your order(s) at Sastodeal.
    • We find it fascinating to observe customers from all across Nepal placing orders on Sastodeal.
    • Astute company owners have discovered how simple it is to showcase their items on our website. Businesses may contact millions of customers at absolutely no expense. That is the power of online shopping. And it's thrilling for us to be at the forefront of our industry.