We are a prominent cement company in Nepal, strategically entered the manufacturing business during a critical period of heavy reliance on imported cement. Our visionary investment has positioned us as a key player in the industry, with ownership stakes in two major cement companies. One of our noteworthy venture is Shivam Cement, a source of immense pride as the first publicly listed cement company in Nepal. With an impressive daily production capacity of 3,000 tonnes , Shivam Cement has emerged as a key player in satisfying Nepal's increasing cement requirements.

Since its establishment in 2003, Shivam Cement has made a significant impact on the industry by fulfilling the nation's ever-increasing need for top-notch cement. The company's dedication and substantial contributions have played a crucial role in meeting the growing demand for high-quality cement in the country. Furthermore, We have established a partnership with Hongshi Cement, marking a significant milestone for our organization, among Nepal's largest foreign direct investment (FDI) company, securing a remarkable investment of $300 million.

Hongshi Cement stands as a testament to its immense production capacity, capable of manufacturing an astounding 6,000 tonnes of cement per day. Through our strategic investments in these leading cement companies, we have made significant contributions to the expansion and self-sufficiency of the Nepalese cement industry. Our unwavering dedication revolves around ensuring the accessibility of high-quality cement, diminishing reliance on imports, and fostering the nation's overall development.


Business Highlights

Shivam Cement
    • The largest cement manufacturing company in Nepal, Shivam Cement, was founded in 2003. It began commercial production in 2011 from self-owned limestone quarries. 
    • The private limited company went public with the largest IPO in Nepal under the manufacturing division during 2018.
    • Shivam Cement (P) Ltd. is, by far, the largest investment done by the private sector in Nepal. This project is a greenfield that has its own captive mines. It produces 1200 TPD cement, including the making of clinker & grinding.
    • Situated in Hatiya VDC, Makwanpur (Hetauda) Nepal, the company has the nearest proximity to Kathmandu in comparison to the competitors, the biggest market of cement in Nepal.

Hongshi Shivam Cement
    • Hongshi-Shivam Cement is the largest FDI company in Nepal. This unit has a production capacity of 6000 tons per day.
    • It is the joint venture between Nepal’s Shivam Holdings and Hong Kong Red Lion Cement No 3, a subsidiary of China’s Hongshi Group.
    • Hongshi-Shivam Cement and the Investment Board of Nepal signed a US 359m dollars project investment agreement in September 2017 to build the manufacturing plant.
    • The Investment Board of Nepal inked a US$359 million project investment agreement with Hongshi-Shivam Cement to develop the facility in September 2017. A 10-kilometer road was built to connect the site to the main local highway, and a 22-kilometer route was created to connect the site to a limestone quarry near Palpa. By 2020, the business intends to quadruple the unit's manufacturing capacity to 12,000 tonnes/day.