Modern Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd explores and mines Metallic and Non-Metallic minerals throughout the country. As the metal and mining sector in the country anticipates significant reform, our ambition is to establish ourselves as the leading mining company in Nepal. The metal and mining sector in Nepal is expecting some major reform. And we aspire to become a premier mining company in the country. We look forward to discovering and processing minerals and energy resources while complying with environment conservation protocols.

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Business Highlights

Dolsin Minerals Pvt. Ltd.
    • Dolsin Minerals Pvt Ltd is a mining business in Nepal that focuses on industrial minerals exploration. Our company's mission is to generate value for its shareholders by exploring, acquiring, developing, producing, and marketing natural resources across the country.
    • All the company’s mining projects in Nepal are managed in a safe, ecologically responsible, and cost-effective way.
    • Preferences are given to initiatives in which Dolsin can be both the operator and the shareholder.
    • We voluntarily embrace our duty to be a good corporate citizen by contributing to the well-being of the communities; we provide an environment for all of our workers to achieve personal excellence and progress.

Modern Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
    • As the name suggests, Modern Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. has been formed and is operating in the mining sector with the goal of excavating diverse natural resources in a sustainable way by utilizing cutting-edge technology, equipment, and gear. The company has a fleet of Tippers, Excavators, Rollers, Graders, and other Heavy Equipment for mining and transporting limestone from various quarries and supplying it to Nepal's major cement businesses.
    • Modern Infrastructure also offers mining services in Nepal and aspires to be the leading mining company in Nepal, with ambitions to own and manage multiple mines to support major infrastructure development projects in Nepal and other South Asian countries. We also lend heavy construction equipment to businesses in Nepal based on their requirements.