Universal Electrocom Pvt. Ltd. is our company that sells and distributes world-class home appliances and home entertainment in Nepal. Today, we have our own OEM brand - Colors Home Appliances.

With our engagement in this business, we hope to improve our clients' lifestyles by providing them with world-class items that are the epitome of value for money on a consistent basis.

Today we distribute some of the world’s famous electronic brands such as Hitachi, Xiaomi & Colors appliances in Nepal.


Business Highlights

Universal Electrocom Pvt. Ltd.
    • Universal Electrocom Pvt. Ltd was established in 2011 to sell & distribute world-class home appliances and home entertainment.
    • The company has products that include both Home Entertainment and Home Appliances.
    • Today, the company has its own OEM brand - Colors Home Appliances. 
    • Now, the company is also the national distributor of multinational brands - Hitachi, MI TV  & IOT products.