Ramesh Corp. is one of the leading contributor to the development of hydropower Projects in Nepal, with a focus on generating clean energy and supporting the government's vision of producing 10,000 MW of hydroelectricity by 2030. Our four major hydropower projects, including the Upper Balephi 'A' Hydropower Project (36MW), Upper Balephi Hydropower Project (46MW), Kaligandaki Gorge Hydropower Project (180MW), and Surke Dudhkoshi Hydropower Project (188MW), aim to enhance the country's energy security and promote sustainable economic growth.

We are proud to announce that the Upper Balephi ‘A’ Hydropower Project has been operational since November 2022, adding 36 MW of electricity to the national grid. The Upper Balephi Hydropower Project (46MW) is currently under construction and expected to commence operations by the end of 2026. Additionally, we are promoting the Kaligandaki Gorge Hydropower Project, a 180 MW PROR project that has already signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). This project is expected to provide a 6-hour peaking run-of-river type of energy, significantly contributing to the country's energy security.

We are also developing the Surke Dudhkoshi Hydropower Project, a 188 MW project that holds immense potential for clean energy generation and economic growth in the region. At Ramesh Corp, we are committed to making our hydropower projects successful by leveraging cutting-edge technology, adopting sustainable practices, and promoting local participation.

We prioritize community engagement and work closely with local stakeholders to ensure that the benefits of hydropower development are shared equitably. Our projects adhere to the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental sustainability. By investing in hydropower projects, we not only generate electricity but also create employment opportunities for economically disadvantaged people in remote areas, improving their standard of living.


Business Highlights

Mizu Construction Pvt. Ltd.
    • It is a construction-oriented company and is the contractor of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Contractor of Upper Balephi 'A' Hydroelectric Project (36MW) and Upper Balephi Hydroelectric Project (46MW).

Balephi Hydropower Ltd.
    • In 2012, Balephi Hydropower Ltd. was established under the Company Act of the Government of Nepal with the aim of developing, owning, and operating the hydroelectric projects. Balephi Khola, located in Jugal Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchowk District, has nearly completed construction.

Upper Balephi Hydropower Ltd.
    • The company was established in 2015 under the Government of Nepal's Company Act with the goal of developing, owning, and operating the hydroelectric projects. The company is currently building an access road for the 46000KW Balephi Khola project in Jugal Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchowk District.

Summit Power Company Pvt. Ltd
    • Summit Power Company, a part of Ramesh Corp. and HR Goel Group, is dedicated to Nepal's green goals. Located in the serene settings of Khumbu Pasang Lhamu, Mapya DudhKoshi, and Solududhkunda Municipality in Solukhumbu District, State-1, our project aims to tap into nature's resources. With a capacity of 188 MW, we are on a mission to provide sustainable energy to the region.
    • Established in 2021, Summit Power Company is focused on developing and operating the Surke Dudhkoshi Hydropower Project. Our commitment lies in creating a greener and brighter future for Nepal.