Electrifying Nepal since 1977

Litmus Industries Limited is a prominent player in the wires and cables manufacturing industry in Nepal. Since 1977s, the company has been working towards maximizing Nepal's potential for electrification by providing innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for conductor-based transmission lines in the country through it's latest advanced german technology.

As one of the leading wires and cables manufacturers in Nepal, Litmus Industries Limited is committed to offering the best quality products to its clients. The company uses cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking to develop unique solutions that have helped it reach industry preeminence. Whether you need wires and cables for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, Litmus Industries Limited has the expertise and experience to provide you with the right one stop solutions.

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Business Highlights

Litmus Industries Limited
    • Litmus Industries Limited, then Lumbini Vidyut Udyog Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1977.
    • Today, we cater to national and international customers.
    • Nepal Electricity Authority, a unit of the Nepal Government has been our valued customer for over four decades.
    • Our plant and machinery is equipped with the latest German Technology that offers global standard quality products.
    • The company manufactures different types of conductors (ACSR & ABC) and cables & enameled copper winding wires, paper insulated wires, and strips.