We got involved in the wires and cables industry in Nepal in the 1970s with the vision of maximizing Nepal's enormous potential for electrification and meeting the growing demand for conductor-based transmission lines in the country.

Litmus Industries Limited has been offering the best quality cable solutions to our clients based on cutting-edge technology, unique solutions, and inventive thinking, which has enabled us to reach industry preeminence.


Business Highlights

Litmus Industries Limited
    • Litmus Industries Limited, then Lumbini Vidyut Udyog Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1977.
    • Today, we cater to national and international customers.
    • Nepal Electricity Authority, a unit of the Nepal Government has been our valued customer for over four decades.
    • Our plant and machinery is equipped with the latest German Technology that offers global standard quality products.
    • The company manufactures different types of conductors (ACSR & ABC) and cables & enameled copper winding wires, paper insulated wires, and strips.