We entered the financial institution in Nepal with the goal of making financial services inexpensive and accessible to Nepalese residents. We have partnered with some of Nepal's major banks like NIC ASIA Bank Ltd. and Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd. to deliver ethical financial solutions and contribute to the enrichment of homes, companies, and communities.

We are also one of the founding promoters of Nepal Infrastructure Bank Ltd (NIFRA) which was established to fuel infrastructural growth in Nepal with Rs. 20 billion paid up capital. We strive to create and maintain strong connections with our clients via a thorough understanding of their requirements, strong financial competence, and the execution of exceptional service through our engagement in the banks of Nepal.

Mahalaxmi bank

Business Highlights

    • On July 21, 1998, Nepal Industrial and Commercial Bank was established as NIC ASIA Bank.
    • After a merger with Bank of Asia, it was renamed NIC ASIA Bank on June 30, 2013.
    • Following the merger, The Banker, Financial Times, UK named NIC ASIA "Bank of the Year 2013-Nepal." This is the Bank's second time receiving this prestigious honor, with the first being in 2007.
    • The Bank has successfully completed its 21 years of operation.
    • The company has currently the following wholly-owned subsidiaries:
      • NIC Asia Capital Limited
      • NIC Asia Laghubittiya Sanstha Limited

Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd.
    • On B.S.2052, Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank was formed with the motto "Strong Bank Successful Cooperation."
    • The Central Bank of Nepal has approved the bank as a “B” class National Level Bank
    • This is the first development bank to raise Rs. 3.07 billion as Capital.
    • The bank had been awarded the Best Presented Award (BPA)-2018 from ICAN for presenting the best financial report among development banks, which also helped them win in the same category in SAFA-2018 in Bangladesh.
    • The bank is going forward with the slogan of "Service with a Smile" to all of its clients, and their pleasure is the bank's success.
    • It has been concentrating on the extension of Digital Financial in order to modernize banking services.
    • The bank is constantly dedicated to moving forward by implementing long-term business practices, improvement, and innovation, as well as remaining accountable to its regulatory authorities.

Nepal Infrastructure Bank Ltd (NIFRA)
    • NIFRA was founded as a National Level Infrastructure Development Bank with the specific goal of expediting the nation's infrastructure development.
    • The bank was granted an operating license by the Central Bank on February 11, 2019 (2075/10/28 B.S.) and began operations on March 6, 2019 (2075/11/22 B.S.).
    • As the nation's first Infrastructure Development Bank, the bank intends to bridge the infrastructure funding gap by raising resources from the local and foreign markets through innovations like establishing Equity, Debt, Mezzanine, and Sector Fund Structures, Issuing On-shore and Off-shore Bonds and Debenture, etc. and Offshore Bonds and Debentures, for example and applying such funds to economically viable infrastructure projects through the use of proven infrastructure financing models such as Public-Private Partnership (BOOT/BOT), Viability Gap Funding (VGF), Hybrid Annuity Models (HAM), and Asset Securitization.