Our investment companies in Nepal play a crucial role in fueling the development of various startups, corporations, and enterprises across key industries. One such company is Tele Venture Pvt. Ltd., a Nepalese investment firm dedicated to incubating and promoting innovative businesses and ideas. We provide the necessary financial resources and expertise to empower individuals and businesses to thrive.

As a strategic partner, Tele Venture Pvt. Ltd. supports Nepal's aspiring entrepreneurs by offering both funding and knowledge. Our long-term goal is to help creative businesses build their capacity and achieve sustainable growth. We recognize the exceptional enthusiasm and drive of young entrepreneurs, and we are committed to going above and beyond to ensure their success.

At our company, we actively seek out emerging enterprises and promising initiatives that require financial support to realize their goals. Additionally, through our subsidiary, Emerging Nepal, we invest in infrastructure development projects in sectors such as finance, education, healthcare, and tourism. By supporting these projects, we contribute to the overall progress and economic development of our nation.

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Business Highlights

Tele Venture Pvt. Ltd.
    • Tele Venture Pvt. Ltd. is an investment company that manages a broad portfolio of investments and assets in Nepal in order to create long-term financial returns for its stakeholders.
    • Tele Venture invests and collaborates at the forefront of global development and innovation to provide possibilities for future generations. We shall continue to support our leaders' vision as we build on the late Shree Ramesh Gupta's goal of a free, stable, and dignified existence for the people of our country.
    • We continue to look ahead, with plans to more than double the portfolio's size over the next decade.

Emerging Nepal
    • Emerging Nepal engages in a variety of infrastructure development projects in the financial, educational, medical, and tourism sectors with the goal of contributing to nation-building through supporting our country's economic progress.