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In 1977, Lumbini Vidyut Udyog, presently known as Litmus Industries Limited, was founded with the goal of using Nepal's limitless hydropower resource potential.

When it came to recognizing the critical need for conductor-based transmission lines that had the potential to alter how energy is delivered in Nepal, Litmus Industries was well ahead of its time. Over the past 15 years, Litmus Industries has successfully exported its goods to India and has become a household brand in the Nepali cables and conductors business. With the mission and vision to achieve operational excellence by delivering innovative products with state-of-art technology for customer satisfaction, they have been delivering the best quality products in the Nepali market.


Production Plant

Litmus Industries, located in Butwal Industrial Estate (BIE), Butwal, produces superior wires, cables, and conductors using cutting-edge German technological facilities that are spread across 2 Bighas of land. The factory uses a Total Quality Management System (TQMS) to implement continuous improvement using highly qualified workers. Based on ISO 9001:2015 Certification, Litmus products are tested and inspected for quality at every stage of manufacture.



Litmus Industries provides a wide range of products in cables, wires, and conductor range.

Overhead Conductor

  • ACSR Conductors

  • Ariel Bunched Cable(ABC)

  • XLPE Covered Conductors

Cables and Wires

  • LV Power Cables

  • House Wiring Cables

Enamel & Paper Strips

  • Enamel Winding Cables

  • Paper Insulated Strips



  • 1977 - Establishment of Lumbini Vidyut Udhyog

  • 1994 - Manufacturing of Enamel Winding Wires

  • 1996 - Enamel Wires exported to India

  • 1998 - Manufacturing of Paper Insulated Strips

  • 2003 - ISO 9001:2008 Certification Received

  • 2005 - NS Certification Acquired

  • 2006 - Manufacturing of Power Cables

  • 2008 - Manufacturing of Ariel Bunched Cables (ABC)

  • 2010 - NS Quality Award Received

  • 2015 - Indian Standard Certification Received

  • 2019 - Board and Senior Manufacturing Restructuring

  • 2020 - Major Upgrade and enhancement of production capacity

  • 2021 - Major breakthrough with NEA supplies for a Domestic Manufacturer with orders over 50 M USD.

  • 2022 - First domestic manufacturer to get a project for delivery of 3600 KM 400 KVA TL conductors


Since its founding, Litmus Cables has amassed more than 130 distributors nationwide and more than 2000 retail locations. In addition to this, they have been selling Limtus items on the global market. Litmus Industries would certainly broaden its prospect not only in all of Nepal but also in the global market given how they have been developing in the market for cables and conductors.