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Litmus Industries Limited, formerly known as Lumbini Vidyut Udyog, was established in 1977 and is a Ramesh Corp entity. It was the first ACSR conductors manufacturing unit in Nepal and is now the largest cables, wires, and conductors manufacturing company in the country.

"Litmus Industries Limited has a large production plant in Butwal Industrial Estate with a 4000 KVA connected load. The company utilises advanced German technology in its state-of-the-art manufacturing units and plants to produce a wide range of high-quality, efficient, and durable products. By adopting this advanced technology, we are able to prioritise continuous improvement in customer satisfaction by offering top-quality, value-driven, prompt, and reliable products to our customers."

Product Range


Overhead Conductors

Overhead conductors are used for the transmission and distribution of electricity and can be installed on transmission towers, wooden poles, and other structures.

ACSR Conductors

Aluminium conductor steel-reinforced (ACSR) cable is a type of high-capacity, high-strength stranded conductor that is commonly used in overhead power lines. Litmus produces a variety of ACSR conductors in sizes ranging from 20 to 500 SQMM and for voltages from 11 to 400 KVA

Aerial Bunched Cables (ABC)

Aerial bunched cables (also known as aerial bundled cables or ABC) are overhead power lines that consist of several insulated phase conductors bundled together, typically with a neutral conductor. The company produces ABC cables in various sizes from 25 to 150 SQMM.

XLPE Covered Conductors

XLPE covered conductors are water-resistant and have a special insulation and ultra-violet protection material covering. Litmus produces a range of XLPE conductors from 55 to 150 SQMM.


Cables and Wires

LV Power Cables

Low-tension power cables are designed for distributing electricity to residential, commercial, and industrial units and are made with high-quality copper and aluminium for superior conductivity. They are available in single-core and multi-core configurations ranging in size from 1.5 to 1000 sq mm.

House Wiring Cables

Litmus uses advanced German technology to manufacture top – notch house wiring cables, including FR, FRLS, concentric & flexible twin twisted in Nepal. These cables, ranging from 0.75 SQMM to 16 SQMM, supply electricity to homes, offices & industries.


Enamel Winding Wires

Enamelled copper winding wires are enamel-insulated conductors that are commonly used in construction and electrical equipment. Litmus Industries Limited produces a range of enamelled wires in sizes from 10 SWG to 35 SWG that meet the IS:13730 standard.


Paper Insulated Winding Cables

Paper-insulated copper or aluminum conductors are extensively utilized for winding the coils of transformers and other electrical equipment. With paper insulation, these conductors possess remarkable electrical and thermal properties. The sizes range from a thickness of 2mm to 4mm and a width of 6mm to 12mm.

Our Features

High-Quality Cables and Wires

Litmus Industries Limited produces a variety of high-quality cables and wires, including overhead conductors, power cables, house wiring cables, and enamel and paper strips, which are popular among consumers in Nepal.

Advanced Technology

The adoption of German technology and fully automated high - end innovations has not only improved production quality, but also increased efficiency.

Protection against serious damages

Litmus cables and wires with German technology are designed to reduce current leakage and protect against serious damage in installations.


The company strictly follows guidelines set by Nepal Standard (NS) and India Standard (IS)

Quality & Tested Products

The company ensures quality by conducting tests at various stages of production for electrical, mechanical, and chemical parameters, using raw materials from reputable suppliers such as Vedanta, Hindalco, Apar, UCR, Fujairah Gold, KLJ, Borouge, and Bihani.

High Quality Wires

Litmus cables and wires have excellent electrical properties, dielectric properties, and heat resistance.

Assembly Reliability

With higher assembly reliability and quality, the use of Litmus cables and wires can reduce the need for additional hardware, such as solder joints, trunk lines, and floor lines.

Research and Development

Research and development at Litmus Industries Limited is focused on improving product quality in terms of reliability, efficiency, and eco-friendliness, as well as introducing new products.

Our Product

Enamel Winging Wires

Copper Paper Strips

LV Power Cables

Control Cables

House Wiring Cables

Concentric Cables
Flexible Twin Cables

ACSR Conductors

Aerial Bunched Cables (ABC)

XLPE Covered Conductors

Our Prestigious Projects

  • Dhalkebar – Inaruwa 400 KVA transmission line project
  • Supply and delivery of ACSR Conductors, Aerial bunched cables (ABC) and Power Cables to Bhuwan Power Corporation Limited
  • Dumre – Damauli 132 KVA transmission line project
  • Butwal – Koholpur 132 KVA transmission line project
  • Chameliya hydroelectric project
  • Modikhola hydroelectric project
  • Upper tamakoshi hydroelectric project
  • Khimti – Dhalkebar 220 KVA transmission line project
  • Siklesh hydroelectric project
  • Sanjen hydroelectric project
  • Ridi hydropower project
  • Supply of ACSR Conductors and Power Cables Kadooric Agriculture Aid association (KAAA)

Our Clients

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)
Sanjen Jalavidyut
Airtech P. Ltd
Kalika Construction

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