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Universal Electrocom Pvt. Ltd. today launched a new Hitachi Microwave Oven product line-up in Nepal. New product-line up is introduced in the market with 4 variants of Microwave Oven – 23L Digital Grill Microwave Oven, 20L Digital Grill Microwave Oven, 20L Mechanical Microwave Oven and by December 2022 4th variant 32L Convection Microwave Oven series will be available in Nepal market.

Hitachi’s advanced Microwave Ovens let consumers enjoy the benefits of healthy living effortlessly by innovations that reduce fats, salt and calories. Also, Hitachi offers 1-year full product warranty and 5 years’ warranty on magnetron.
“With rapid lifestyle changes, the microwave has become an apt alternative solution to conventional cooking. Seeing the growing demand, we planned to bring in four variants of Microwave oven at once. Hitachi believes in heathy living effortlessly. These innovative Hitachi Microwave oven will help our consumer save on time and cut down the electricity consumption while making their life easier,” said Mr. Sanjay Agrawal, Executive Director.
Digital Grill Microwave Oven:
Digital Grill Microwave oven is available in two models - HMR-DG2312 with 23L oven capacity & HMR-DG2012 with 20L oven capacity.
HMR-DG2312 (23L) have modern & convenient design with pull open mirror glass front door & inox frame handle. Its led digital display panel to control is easy to use as it features frequently used functions for quick access. It has glass tray and grill rack. It is multifunctional with 5 microwave level, 8 pre-set cooking menus, defrost by time & weight, multi-stage cooking, microwave cooking, grill cooking, auto reheat etc. Its 8 pre-set auto-cook menu helps to save time in the kitchen and no need to supervise by automatically setting the cooking time for the food.
HMR-DG2012 (20L) have compact design and large digital LED display with clock. The pull open glass door and glass tray is convenient to use and clean. It has intelligent features like 6 microwave level, one touch 9 auto cooking pre-sets, microwave cooking, grill cooking, defrost by weight & time, auto reheat, child safety lock, multistage cooking, quick start etc.
Hitachi Digital Microwave oven features the combination functions to grill and microwave at the same time which add a perfect, crispy finish to meals and on top saves valuable time in the kitchen. Furthermore, these innovative microwaves come in Black and Silver color respectively.
Mechanical Microwave Oven:
Mechanical Microwave oven - Model code HMR-M2002 is available in 20L oven capacity. It has compact design to maximize the kitchen spaces. It is built small yet powerful and efficient microwave. This mechanical microwave oven is user friendly as it is easy to operate. It features fast reheat function and effortlessly defrost food. It has mechanical control system with Glass tray for easy cleaning and pull open door for tabletop convenient usage. It is priced affordable and available in Black color.
Convection Microwave Oven:
Convection Microwave Oven - Model code HMR-DC3212 will be available in 32L oven capacity by month of December 2022. It has stainless steel front exterior with modern touch and easy to clean design with mirror glass door and stainless steel cavity to clean easily. A combination of microwave and convection function helps speed up the food’s cooking process. It includes glass tray & bake tray. With simple control panel, it offers excellent functionality, including quick start, pre-set cooking, microwave and grill cooking, defrost by weight & time, auto reheat, auto cooking menu, child safety lock, and multi-stage cooking. The auto-cook menu offers 9 pre-set functions which helps to save time by automatically setting cooking time for the food.
These technologically superior microwave ovens ensure that cooking time is reduced, heat penetrates deeply and evenly and all nutritional values are preserved.
Price and Availability
With advanced technology, enhanced functions and premium design features, the three new models HMR-DG2312, HMR-DG2012 and HMR-M2002 are available in 23L and 20 L variants and capacity.




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About Hitachi Home Appliances
Hitachi is the worldwide business leader. After the joint venture with Arçelik AŞ in 2021, Hitachi GLS. Inc. have combined their expertise in key areas such as R&D, procurement, and production systems to optimize the joint venture's global supply chain and strengthen its competitive positioning in the market. They have consistently expanded its home appliance business to 150 countries around the world. The company has grown significantly in Europe and achieved strong growth in South Asia over the last decade. Hitachi GLS has been operating its home appliance business mainly in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, where it enjoys a high-end brand image.
About the Universal Electrocom Pvt. Ltd
Founded more than 50 years ago, Ramesh Corp is a diversified, and one of the biggest private industrial and trading conglomerates in Nepal bound by a common purpose of moving forward together. From its early foray into importing and trading to staying abreast of the latest technologies with its diversified presence in telecommunication and information technology, Ramesh Corp. has a strong presence across a wide array of industries including manufacturing, financial services, real estate, consumer durables, hydropower, mining, and investment. The company has embedded the core philosophy of “forward together” into all its business practices and aspires to empower and enrich the lives of its customers, employees, investors, ecosystem partners as well as the entire nation.