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Nepal has a significant amount of water resources, which have been identified as key natural resources for the country's development. These resources have a large hydropower potential of 83,000 MW, but currently only a small fraction of this potential has been utilised. As the demand for power continues to increase, there has been a focus on studying various scale projects to meet this demand. However, funding issues have hindered the implementation of these projects, leading to a critical power supply situation. It is therefore essential to involve INPD in order to accelerate the development of hydropower in Nepal.

The Balephi Hydropower Limited project is a run-of-river (RoR) type project located in Sindhupalchok district, in the central Development Region of Nepal. It has an installed capacity of 36MW. The proposed power House of the project is located about 20km upstream of the confluence of Balephi and Bhoteloshi River. The Balephikhola is one of the major tributaries of the Bhotekoshi River. Balephikhola is the boarder of Golchhe, Gumba and Pangtang VDC of Sindhupalchowk district. The project location on the map of Nepal can be seen in figure 1 below. The project is located almost 70Km east along Araniko Highway from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The project is located between longitudes 85 45’ 30” E and 85 47’ 40” E and latitude 27 53’ 45” N and 27 57’ 00” N at Sindhupalchowk District.

Our Objectives

The goal is to contribute towards the development of the hydropower sector in Nepal, which has a high potential for growth, by identifying potential locations for hydropower development and evaluating the resources and strengths needed to do so. This will help to increase the country's independence in terms of electricity.

Our Milestone


After successful testing and commissioning, the project has started power evacuation to Nepal Electricity Association’s Lamosanghu Substation. The Commercial Operation date of the Project is 22nd Nov, 2022.


Power evacuated from Upper Balephi 'A' to NEA will be exported to India


Balephi Hydropower Ltd. successfully launched its first Initial Public Offering as below

  • IPO for Local/Affected area- 2078/10/27
  • IPO for General Public- 2078/12/16
  • Share Allotment Date- 2078/12/29
  • Listing on Nepal Stock Exchange- 2079/02/09

Ramesh Corp. Association

Balephi Hydropower Ltd. was conceptualized and led by our Chairman Emeritus, Late Shri. Ramesh Gupta, who then brought other leading Nepalese houses to partner for this project of national importance and received construction license from DoED on July, 2016.

Ramesh Corp. today is the leading promoter shareholder of Bhalephi Hydropower Ltd.

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