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Sanjay Agrawal, Managing Director, Ramesh Corp

Sanjay Agrawal, Ramesh Corp.'s Managing Director is an expert in sales and marketing as he expanded this business throughout Nepal. Additionally, Mr. Agrawal is an associate member of the Nepal Britain Chamber of Commerce and the Nepal Italy Chamber of Commerce. He is actively pursuing new business opportunities in these
three countries. He's also the VP of Nepal's Mobile Phone Importer Association (MPIA). We focus more on creating business opportunities as well as giving more job opportunities to the youths and citizens of our country.

Ramesh Corp. is a Nepalese corporation with diverse interests. It is one of Nepal's
leading business groupings, united by a common goal of pushing forward together. Ramesh Corp. has touched the lives of people from all walks of life since its inception as a hardware trading company 50 years ago. Inspired by the Chairman Emeritus Late Shri Ramesh Gupta's vision, the organisation has ingrained the key principle of "forward together" into all of its business operations. Following in his footsteps, the company wants to empower and enrich the lives of its customers, workers, investors, ecosystem partners, and the entire country. From the east to the west of Nepal, Sanjay Agrawal has expanded the mobile & consumer durable division of Ramesh Corp. He is a sales and marketing expert. He played a significant role in the expansion of Nepal's mobile phone industry. He has been active in the Nepali market for many years as a diversified conglomerate and has been involved in the electronics sector for roughly 16 years under the name Ramesh Corp. In an exclusive interview, Sanjay Agrawal walks us through the unique traits of the company:

Give a brief account of your professional journey so far.

For the past 17 years, my experience has been mostly focused on the mobile business. In 1996, I started my commercial career in the automotive and hardware industries. Then, in 2007, I made a breakthrough by starting a mobile business. I was elected as Vice President of MPIA (Mobile Phone Importer Association), which was founded in 2017 by a group of mobile phone importer business enthusiasts in Nepal. Since I started working with Ramesh Corp, as an Executive Director I have never turned back.

Could you enlighten us about Ramesh Corp’s impact and presence across various industries as a diversified conglomerate in Nepal?

Ramesh Corp is a diversified conglomerate in Nepal. It is in the league of the leading business groups in Nepal, bound by a common purpose of moving forward together. Since its inception 50 years ago as a hardware trading business, Ramesh Corp. touches lives in virtually every walk of life. From its early foray into importing and trading to staying abreast of the latest technologies with its diversified presence in telecommunication and information technology, Ramesh Corp has a strong presence in a wide range of industries mobile, electronics, cables, conductor, cement, edible oil, fuel banking sector, and insurance Businesses.

Could you tell me some of the most important lessons you have inculcated from your previous experiences and how these are playing emphasis in carrying out your
current operations in your current role?

I have been leading the Mobile Phone Importer Association (MPIA) from the front as a Vice President. Additionally, the mobile market was utterly unstructured when we first began operating on mobile devices in 2007. A large portion of the 80% of the business was unlicensed mobile. But in 2009, I and a few other brand importers took the initiative in the mobile industry, and ever since, a whole ecosystem of mobile businesses has been operating in an authorised market in Nepal. That was the golden age of the mobile industry, and I was personally responsible for bringing it about.

Could you tell me about the kinds of business opportunities that you strive to create between Nepal/Italy and Nepal/ Britain?

I serve as the Vice President of both the Nepal/ British chambers of commerce and the Nepal/Italy chambers of commerce. My primary goal in joining Both Chambers is to increase their level of activity. Although I don't conduct any sort of business in return, I would like to move these chambers ahead and collaborate with many British and Italian private businesses on behalf of the Nepalese government and businessmen. As a result, we are also pursuing many efforts. We may soon visit a Nepalese delegation in the UK & Italy and representatives from the mid-air chamber and to assess the viability of any potential new initiatives.

Based on your professional experiences, what would be the kind of message or advice that you would like to convey to upcoming leaders in this particular space?

Many startups are entering the market right now, leaving the established old businesses behind. It's a new era everywhere. I advise Nepalese young and businesspeople to concentrate on the old traditional businesses and to keep them going alongside the new generation for the simple reason that whatever our grandparents have done for us has not been insignificant, and we cannot disregard the hard work and effort they have made. However, it is our responsibility to take on that firm in a new, professional manner and launch new companies alongside our ancestors and, maybe, parent businesses. Consequently, there are numerous opportunities as the Nepalese economy expands. Also, the government is supporting numerous measures and encouraging small local businesses. Hence we should focus more on developing business prospects and providing young people and inhabitants of our nation with greater employment opportunities.