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People with cancer and or those who know someone having cancer know firsthand how draining it can be.

People with cancer and or those who know someone having cancer know firsthand how draining it can be. Cancer does not only affect your physical health and your body but also your mind and your emotional wellbeing. The treacherous thing about it is that this disease can happen to anyone at any time and it can take a toll on the person suffering from it as it is very isolating. It even affects the emotional health of patients, families, and caregivers.

Through Ramesh Gupta Memorial Trust, our non-profit organization formed in the fond memory of Late Shri Ramesh Gupta, we have also been in the cancer battle journey of many childhood cancer patients, and through them, we have seen firsthand that this can be a tough time for everyone. While every cancer treatment journey differs, it does result in emotional turmoil for everyone affected.

Research has found that one out of three people treated for cancer in hospitals has a common mental health condition. And common feelings during this life-changing experience include anxiety, distress, and depression. It has been found that people with depression or any other mental health condition while living with cancer may have worse outcomes as they might be less likely to follow treatment plans. Studies show that those dealing with severe mental illness, dementia, and substance use are more likely to have lower chances of survival after cancer diagnoses.

However, patients with more support socially and emotionally tend to feel less anxious and depressed and have a better quality of life. Having others to help you deal with cancer and listen to your experience encourages one to be better. To make more people aware of the importance of cancer support, we observe August as World Cancer Support Month.

If you know someone living with cancer, we urge you to “Be there” for them. Marking the importance of social support, through Ramesh Gupta Memorial Trust, we not only provide financial assistance, but also focus on emotional support and spreading awareness about child cancer among people, about the symptoms, why and how it occurs, and how to prevent it by collaborating with different NGOs, hospitals, and volunteers.