Board Team

Mr. Sushil Gupta

Vice Chairman

Envisioning the corporation to be a leader in the Hydropower and Mining industry of Nepal

With over 14 years of management experience, Mr. Sushil Gupta has expanded the corporation's operations into hydropower and mineral exploration. A 2006 graduate of Georgia College & State University in the United States, he joined the group's construction equipment and electronics department. It was ultimately Nepal's rich natural beauty that led him to start construction on his first renewable energy project, the 36 MW Balephi Hydropower project, set to be completed in June 2021. In the next two decades, he intends to construct, own, and operate 500 MW+ projects through Mizu Construction Pvt. Ltd.

During the last year, Mr. Gupta has been working with a team of geologists to assess and explore mineral deposits across the country. In his supervision, Dolsin Minerals Pvt. Ltd holds 14 mining licenses and is studying different minerals, such as Galena, Dolomite, Limestone, semiprecious stones, and copper, to determine their commercial feasibility.

Additionally, Mr. Gupta promotes NIC Asia Bank, Mahalaxmi Vikash Bank, Nepal Infrastructure Bank, Nepal Life Insurance Company, Asian Life Insurance, Prudential Insurance, and Shivam Cement, all of which are publicly traded in Nepal. His goal is to make the company a leader in Nepal’s hydropower and mining industries while adhering to the highest ethical standards. Through sustainable development of Nepal’s natural resources, he hopes to increase recognition of Nepal’s contribution to local communities and the country as a whole.

Mr. Sushil Gupta