Board Team

Mr. Rohit Gupta

Vice Chairman

Building a meritocratic organization

Having studied at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, Rohit Gupta has a degree in Msc. Finance and Management. He joined his family business in 2007 and initiated the group’s journey into Technology and Mobile Phone space. In the past decade, he has led these ventures to become industry leading businesses with growth drivers. He is a Board Member and Director of Shivam Cement Limited, one of the largest integrated Cement Plant in Nepal. Aside from Asian Life Insurance, Mahalaxmi Development Bank, Nepal Infrastructure Bank and Prudential Insurance, he is also the promoter and shareholder of various BFIs.

At the age of 32, Rohit Gupta assumed the position of Vice Chairman of the group after his father passed away untimely in 2018. He has taken up the role of Vice Chairman to restructure and grow the business so that the group can become an industry leader.

Rohit Gupta