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“Right talent at the right job” is one phrase we hear time and again, often aligned with the success and growth of a company. It seems simple for onlookers, but the process to find the right talent is a long and tedious job that only people working in Talent Acquisition know of.

In the occasion of Global Talent Acquisition Day, we had a conversation with our HR team to dive deep into the subsect of Talent Acquisition – the basics, the process, their experiences with the process, and much more.

What is talent acquisition and what comes under it?

It is all about the process of identifying, attracting, engaging, and retaining highly qualified and talented individuals. Acquiring and retaining the best talent provides a competitive advantage, but finding the right person for the right job is equally important and difficult task. The increased competitiveness in the recruitment market has devoted organizations, including us, to spend more time, effort and resources on developing their recruitment strategy.

What is the general process of talent acquisition at Ramesh Corp.?

At Ramesh Corp. we focus on fair recruitment practices and believe in non-discrimination to attract the best pool of candidates. Talent Acquisition department at Ramesh Corp. is focused more on long term human resources planning. The major process of talent acquisition we opt at Ramesh Corp. are:

  1. Lead Generation.
  2. Recruiting and attracting best candidates.
  3. Interview and Assessment.
  4. Evaluating References.
  5. Selection.
  6. Hiring & Onboarding.

“At Ramesh Corp., we focus on fair recruitment practices and believe in non-discrimination to attract the best pool of candidates.”

Why is talent acquisition so important and why should firms focus on it?
When we say talent acquisition, we mean human resources planning on a long-term basis. Sourcing strategies, candidate assessment, meeting compliance, setting hiring standards and actively engaging in employer branding practices are the few major responsibilities talent acquisition specialist handle in any firm. Henceforth, talent acquisition is important for every firm and they must focus on grooming and developing their talent acquisition team to ensure companies vision and objectives are achieved through proper talent hiring.

Ever had a Talent Acquisition process gone wrong? Could you share with us your experience of it?
We’ve also had fair share of mishaps. Human beings do make mistakes but our focus is always try not to repeat it. One has to learn from the prior mistakes and must correct it in their next action. We understand the objectives and the vision of the organization which helps us to implement the whole process in a systematic way.

Any interesting experiences you have had in the field of Talent Acquisition?
Even though the talent acquisition process and cycle are identical all the time. The experience differs every time and then. It happens as every human differs in character. So, talent acquisition team always has to deal with different nature of humans. As it happens time and again which makes our entire experiences interesting.

Three things you look for in every candidate - no matter what position

First thing we look into a candidate is attitude. Attitude is followed by good communication skills. And we also prepare ourselves to judge the person either he or she is passionate or not.

Anything you've seen firms do wrong most frequently in talent acquisition.
When any organization doesn’t align the vision with the requirements then the chance of failure is optimum. So, the major motive of the talent acquisition team shall be to understand the objectives before they proceed ahead.

Last but not the least, we, the talent acquisition team, always maintain honesty and integrity during the whole recruitment process. Organization’s mission, vision and objectives should always be aligned. The team should always be ready for the upcoming challenges and should not panic in any circumstances.

Key Takeaways

Talent Acquisition is a long process – which, at Ramesh Corp., includes lead generation, recruiting and attracting best candidates, interview and assessment, evaluating references, selection, and lastly hiring & onboarding. But, first and foremost, the talent acquisition managers must align the vision of the company with the requirements needed. Besides skills, talent acquisition team at Ramesh Corp. looks for three things: attitude, communication skills, and passion.