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Universal Electrocom Pvt. Ltd., the authorized sole national distributor for Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances in Nepal

Universal Electrocom Pvt. Ltd., the authorized sole national distributor for Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances in Nepal, is thrilled to announce the launch of an additional exceptional range of home appliances, unveiled by Mr. Elvin Tham (Head of Export Sales, Arcelik Hitachi), Mr. Sanjay Agrawal (Executive Director, Universal Electrocom Pvt. Ltd.), and Mr. Ayash Joshi (GM, Universal Electrocom Pvt. Ltd.). With unwavering dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, Universal Electrocom introduces four additional new products from Hitachi, featuring cutting-edge Washing Machines, Double-door refrigerators, and Rice cookers.


Revolutionary Washing Machines

The highlight of the new launch is the Hitachi washing machines, BD-802HVOS and BD-904HV0S, which combine advanced technology with user-friendly design and features. Available in 8 KG and 9 KG capacities, these front-loading, fully automatic machines promise efficient and hassle-free laundry experiences. With a Steam Function, tangle-free finish design, and "Add Garment During Wash" feature, laundry chores have never been easier.

Designed with an amalgamation of advanced technology and user-centric features, these front-loading, fully automatic machines are poised to redefine the washing experience. With 16 distinct programs, including Stain Optimization, Pre-Wash, and Baby Care options, these washing machines cater to a diverse range of laundry needs. The Auto Door Clean feature ensures cleanliness and hygiene, while the Anti-Wrinkle function keeps clothes impeccably smooth, ready to be worn at any moment.


Innovative Refrigeration Solutions

The Hitachi double-door refrigerator, model HRTN5275MFPSVKH, is a marvel of modern refrigeration technology. This refrigerator redefines food preservation, keeping your edibles fresh and flavorful for extended periods. With a spacious capacity of 275 litres, this refrigerator features Surround Air Cooling for uniform cold air distribution and a Triple Power Filter to eliminate odors and bacteria. Hitachi's innovative Flexible Fresh Select drawer helps users customize the refrigerator's drawer to suit their storage requirements. And with scratch-proof and heat-resistant Tempered Glass shelves that can hold up to 100kg each, the refrigerator adds to its functionality and stylish appeal.


Cooking Simplicity with a Rice Cooker

A new addition to the range is the Hitachi Rice Cooker, model RZ-S18MMW, designed to simplify cooking routines. With a 1.8-litre capacity, this rice cooker comes with an 800-Watt power supply and a 3D heating element, ensuring perfectly cooked rice every time.

The 1.5-mm non-stick inner pot ensures easy serving and cleaning, while the 12-hour warm function maintains your rice's freshness and warmth throughout the day. Its intuitive mechanical cooking style, combined with straightforward function buttons and an LED light display, guarantees a delightful cooking experience that even novices can master.


Building Trust Through Innovation

The introduction of Hitachi's latest product ranges by Universal Electrocom Pvt. Ltd. marks a significant technological advancement for Nepalese homes. With cutting-edge features and user-friendly designs, washing machines, double-door refrigerators, and rice cookers promise to elevate the standards of modern living. Mr. Elvin Tham's presence at the launch underscores the brand's commitment to excellence and assures consumers that these appliances will meet and exceed their expectations. Universal Electrocom Pvt. Ltd. takes immense pride in introducing Arcelik Hitachi's innovative home appliances to the Nepalese market. The collaboration between these esteemed companies signifies a shared vision of enhancing the lives of Nepalese families through the power of technology and convenience.


About Hitachi:

Hitachi is a parent company of Hitachi group. In Nepal Hitachi home appliances offers range energy efficient consumer electronic products that help reduce the environmental impact on society. Hitachi group is committed to supply customers with latest products which have high quality and are energy efficient to use. The designers of Hitachi remain well educated and has full information of consumer tastes. Its dynamics satisfy demands and expectations of customer worldwide. Hitachi will provide new value to match a diverse range of lifestyles with products as refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and cooking appliances.


About Universal Electrocom Pvt. Ltd

Universal Electrocom Pvt. Ltd a part of Ramesh Corp entity is a sole distributor for Hitachi Home Appliances in Nepal. Ramesh Corp is diversified conglomerate of Nepal and one of biggest private industrial and trading conglomerates in Nepal. It started 50 years ago and is the league of leading business group in Nepal bound by a common purpose of moving forward together. Hitachi will work to enrich lifestyles through services utilizing digital technologies.