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This year, Ramesh Corp. marked Founder’s Day, a special occasion to honor the memory of our founder, Late Shri. Ramesh Gupta, by planting trees in Jagdol, Kathmandu.

The event, held on March 18th , 2024, was themed “Growth and Unity”, reflecting both our founder’s values and our commitment to a sustainable future.

Honoring Our Legacy and Values:
Founder’s Day is a time to remember Late Shri. Ramesh Gupta’s dedication to social responsibility and his vision for the company. The tree planting initiative symbolizes our ongoing commitment to grow and flourish while leaving a positive impact on the environment. At Ramesh Corp.., we understand the importance of preserving our planet for future generations, and this initiative is a proactive step towards that goal.

Celebrating Our People:
The event wasn’t just about planting trees, it’s about recognizing the hard work and dedication of our people. We believe our team is the foundation of our success, and their performance allows Ramesh Corp. to thrive. Also, the event highlighted our dedication to fostering a culture that upholds the core principles of Late Shri. Ramesh Gupta instilled in us: Integrity, Pioneer Spirit, Speed, Authenticity, and Professionalism.

Building a Sustainable Future:
As a diversified conglomerate in Nepal, Ramesh Corp. is committed to giving back to the community and the environment. Through initiatives like tree plantation and employee recognition, we strive to foster a culture of excellence and our dedication to sustainability, community engagement is not just a one-time event – it’s ingrained in everything we do. From our daily operations to our long-term goals, we are devoted to upholding the values that our founder, Late Shri. Ramesh Gupta held dear.

Founder’s Day may come once a year, but our commitment to honoring his legacy continues daily. As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our mission to create a better world for all.