Alibaba Cloud Alibaba

Alibaba Cloud is a leading global provider of cloud computing and artificial intelligence services. Founded in 2009, the company serves thousands of enterprises, developers, and government organisations in more than 200 countries and regions. It is the largest public cloud provider in Asia Pacific and one of the top three worldwide, according to Gartner. Alibaba Cloud has a strong focus on security and compliance, with more than 70 accreditations worldwide, and it has a presence in 86 zones across 28 regions.

Telenet Pvt Ltd., a Ramesh Corp. entity, is a proud partner of Alibaba Cloud and has supported the company in Nepal since 2018. Telenet is a leading IT company that manages a diverse portfolio of value-added services, including games, entertainment, mobile health services, and application development. The company also provides business and technology consulting in digital transformation.

Our Objectives

The Cloud Infrastructure as a Service has been digitally enabled, providing a one-stop shop for online registration, cloud migration, and the development of cloud services.

Telenet Products and Services

Cloud Computing and Consultation

Telenet is a partner to various cloud companies, including Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Ncell Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, and Zstack for visualisation. In addition to providing solution architecture and migration and deployment support for new and existing clients, Telenet is also a partner to Zoho Cloud for CRM and productivity tools.

Google Ads and Google Workspace

Telenet has partnered with Google to provide local billing and payment management for Google Ads, as well as consulting services for the platform. The company also sells Google Workspace productivity tools, including Gmail hosting and maps.

Value Added Services

Since 2009, Telenet has been a pioneer in value-added services (VAS) in Nepal. The company has deployed services using interactive voice response (IVR), SMS, and USSD-based technologies, including missed call alerts (MCA) and video and game-based entertainment services for telecom operators in Nepal, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

mHealth Platform - Doctor Consultation, Diagnostic and heath Content

Telenet has launched a health content service called TDO NEPAL, which is available on the web and provides health content, doctor consultation, and the ability to book diagnostic tests.

IT services and Consultancy

Telenet has developed mobile and web applications for clients in Nepal, including front-end and backend apps and middleware solutions. Examples of the types of applications they have developed include DOKO, a sales tracking app, a bulk SMS app, admin portals, and content and voting apps for TV reality shows. The company also offers content delivery and premium subscription services through GFS arena, a platform for over-the-top (OTT) services.

SMS platform

Telenet's premium SMS platform is a robust and stable solution for TV reality show SMS voting, activation, and content delivery or information requests on premium shortcodes. The company supports shows such as Nepal Idol, The Voice of Nepal, and KBC Nepal. The platform also includes a mobile device-based activation tracker and a system for enabling games on the SMS platform.

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